IGIP has been established

IGIP was established in November 2022.
Tsujimaru International Patent Office and IWATA GODO, which have been collaborating for some time, established IGIP.

IWATA GODO was established in 1902 as one of the pioneering law firms in Japan specializing in legal services for business corporations.
Until today, IWATA GODO has been engaged in projects by many companies representing Japan.
In addition to litigation and dispute resolution, IWATA GODO provides legal advice on a wide range of corporate legal affairs (drafting contracts, managing shareholder meetings, corporate action and governance, compliance, etc.). In particular, IWATA GODO has a good track record in the fields of financial transactions, competition law, intellectual property and IT law, environmental law, taxation, labor law, and liaison.
●About Tsujimaru International Patent Office
Tsujimaru International Patent Office was established in Kyoto in 2005, and has handled leading-edge projects for major enterprises and academia, mainly in the fields of biotechnology and chemistry. In addition to actively engaging in trials and litigation and emphasizing rights strategies in business, we have also regularly disseminated information on foreign intellectual property, and have accumulated many achievements.
The Tokyo Office was opened in 2009 and has been relocated and expanded to the present day. At present, Tsujimaru International Patent Office has strengths in patent, design, and trademark business in a wide range of fields, as well as in business related to intellectual property strategies.

In addition to patent, design, and trademark applications in Japan and foreign countries, we will leverage our strengths in “corporate legal affairs” and “intellectual property strategies” to provide the following distinctive and advanced services.

■In legal services, aiming to acquire rights, utilize rights, and resolve disputes with truly high-cost-performance by firmly establishing a rights strategy linked to business development.

■In business services, identifying the strengths and risks of our rights, and then formulating effective intellectual property strategies in line with each business style.
Tsujimaru International Patent Office also supports client’s business by seminars related to intellectual property and organizational management.

It is no exaggeration to say that intellectual property strategies are the key to the success or failure of business strategies, and thus have an impact on national strategies. Based on this philosophy, Tsujimaru International Patent Office will strive to contribute to society.

Thank you very much for your continued support.