We will provide services related to major intellectual property law fields such as patents, utility models, designs, trademarks, unfair competition, and copyrights.

In addition, we can deal with a wide range of related fields.

IWATA GODO Tsujimaru International Patent Office
Legal Affairs
Domestic general legal affairs, including the Contract Law, the Corporate Law, and the Law on Procedure, can be handled by IWATA GODO.
Legal Affairs
Foreign legal affairs can be handled through IWATA GODO by TerraLex (the global network of law offices) to which IWATA GODO belongs.
Foreign Intellectual Property Legal Affairs
Foreign applications and other highly specialized intellectual property legal affairs in foreign countries can be handled by Tsujimaru International Patent Office and its foreign partners.


Legal Service

Rights Acquisition, Contract, Infringement, and Appraisal

We will provide truly high-cost-performance services taking into consideration the effectiveness of business strategies, the strength in contracts and litigation, and the superiority in each field.

Rights Acquisition
We will represent the procedures concerning the rights acquisition.
  • Filing applications (in Japan and foreign countries)
  • Trial against Examiner's decision of refusal
  • Litigation for revocation of trial decision, etc.
We will prepare documents and conduct negotiations regarding the use of intellectual property rights and the rights associated with the business.
  • License, Assignment of rights
  • Confidentiality, Joint development, etc.
We will take legal action against infringement by litigation or other than litigation.
  • Warning, Settlement negotiations
  • Infringement litigation, Invalidation trial, etc.
We will make a legal evaluation on the rights and scope of rights of its own or other company’s intellectual property.
  • Scope of rights, Possibility of rights acquisition
  • Intellectual property due diligence, etc.

Business Services

Survey, Intellectual Property Strategy, Education, and Organization Support

It is essential to understand the state of intellectual property rights of the own company and the industry in order to develop an intellectual property strategy. We will support intellectual property management with a solid foundation for legal strategies, based on the knowledge of strategic projects in start-ups, industry-university collaboration, and major enterprises.

We will conduct survey of rights to arts, designs, brands, etc., which are important materials for business strategies.
  • Trends in rights in each field
  • Position of its own intellectual property
  • Status of intellectual property rights of other companies
Intellectual Property Strategy
We will conduct intellectual property management consulting with legal strategies.
  • Effective and high-cost-performance filing strategy
  • Development support based on strengths/risks of rights
  • Building intellectual property portfolio
  • Smooth implementation of joint projects
  • Efficient use and effective management of its own rights
Education and Organization Support
We will provide information through seminars (basic to specialized, latest, domestic and overseas), etc. and strengthen the intellectual property capability of organization.
  • Seminars, Training
  • Management support for intellectual property department
  • Support for intellectual property management systems, etc.


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